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San Diego attorney David L. Goldin discusses Mild Brain Injury


Silent Epidemic

What do Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Stan Humphries, Eric Lindros, Pat LaFontain, Dale Ernhardt, Jr., and George Clooney all have in common? All have suffered a traumatic brain injury or concussion. 

"Mild" Brain Injury Litigation: Making the Invisible Visible

Without credibility, the reality of the brain injuries will not be believed by those who need to be influenced in the litigation

What Is "Mild" Brain Injury?

"Mild" or "minor" brain injury can be a tragic misnomer because these injuries often cause lifelong disabilities.

Recovery Of Damages For Traumatic Injury To The Miraculous Brain

Injuries to the brain, even "mild" injury, change who we are as a person. See "What is "Mild" Brain Injury?" Our brains are what make us human.

How To Interview And Hire A Lawyer For The Brain Injury Case

Hiring a lawyer may be the single most important decision for brain injury survivors and their families. When a person becomes brain injured, the entire family suffers

Report of Changes and Problems after Brain Injury

A form used to develop information provided to the client at the outset of the case and every six months thereafter.

Spinal Cord Injury: Medical Facts

Spinal cord injury disconnects the brain from the body below the injury site. The level of injury is predictive of the parts of your body that will be affected. Success in recovery depends on management of complications. See article on Your Spinal Cord Injury: Hope and Recovery.

Spinal Cord Injury: Hope and Recovery

Help for recovery from spinal cord injury can be obtained with sufficient resources and a comprehensive rehabilitation plan. There are always good reasons for hope. Courage, determination and hard work promote rehabilitation to a greater extent than ever before envisioned. You are entitled to the best care and compensation.

Traumatic Brain Injury: Signature Injury of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan

The most damaging weapon of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the improvised explosive device (IED), is leaving a signature wound on our heroic troops: traumatic brain injury (TBI). Between 10 and 20% of our returning soldiers might have suffered a TBI without really being aware of it. Deficits may include cognitive, emotional and physical limitations, a change in personality, and the inability to care for themselves or their loved ones. The U.S. Congress is considering legislation to provide services available in the civilian arena to wounded warriors. Maximizing recovery of our returning troops from traumatic brain injury should be a priority for us all. Without proper treatment of TBI, because of the changing nature of warfare from that period to this, our returning troops may some day be homeless in numbers that dwarf our Country's experience from the war in Vietnam.

Wrongful Death Cuts to the Heart of the Family

Wrongful death is profoundly about family life. The presentation of your case requires deep and intimate knowledge of your family. How will each day in your life be different? The jury must be convinced of the profound loss you have suffered in order to reach a fair verdict.

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